Words from the Editor

Posted on June 7, 2010


If there’s anything that can be said about the current state of things based on what’s been in the news this week, it’s that the world and all of the people in it are in a lot of trouble.  

We’ve got an oil spill that’s out of control and both the company that owns the operation involved and our government can’t seem to get out of their own way or find people educated and intelligent enough to devise a way to fix it.  California’s primary is working out to be a race about which candidate is the richest; you’d think that with all the money that these people have and the supposed interest in improving California, they’d spend on something to improve the economy like Bob Barker did for “Sea Shepherd” instead of all these expensive commercials that are the equivalent to burning hundred dollar bills on the barbecue on a lark. Scandal, misdeeds, the “blame game” affect cities and residents, legislation seems to do more harm than good and there is fear that new requirements will cause added problems in areas already hard-hit by the difficult economy. Internationally, every country is getting increasingly worried about money and more specifically the lack of enough of it, foreign governments are making changes internally. Natural disasters and drug cartels are tearing things up and leaving death in their wake. The smallest moment of sunshine is seen when a community springs up from a collection of motor homes and trailers occupied mainly by people who have lost a great deal to the last few years’ recession.  Finally, students and colleagues say goodbye to the college sports team coach who has influenced and changed the lives of many.

From the very beginning, Humans have had to adapt, work hard, and improvise along the way to this point.  The recession and difficulties today aren’t the first we’ve encountered and they won’t be the last either.  It’s time that people remember that the desire to succeed despite adversity, to create and invent when a solution must be found, and that a “fighting spirit” used for good – that’s within every one of us. Strength is needed to fight the battle to overcome the darkness we face – let us each do our part and affect the world around us in a positive way.

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