Police Blotter News

Posted on June 13, 2010


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is collecting fewer fingerprints because of budget cuts, leading to delays in scores of criminal investigations. The Los Angeles Times reports Sunday that Sheriff Lee Baca cut overtime expenses for 59 fingerprint specialists in an effort to help fill a $128 million budget gap.

As a result, more than 65 homicide probes have been held up and there’s a backlog of more than 100 prints waiting to be analyzed. The Times reports some burglary victims have had to stay away from parts of their homes or temporarily close their businesses to avoid smudging prints and destroying evidence.


Police say a 17-year-old boy was stabbed late Saturday night in Oxnard. The wound was not life-threatening, according to the Oxnard Police Department. A police officer spoke with the victim about 11 p.m. Saturday at St. John’s Regional Medical Center, where he was taken for treatment of the laceration.

He told the officers he was confronted by a teen about 17 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall and of medium build, who was with about 10 other people at the intersection of Bard Road and J Street. The suspect stabbed him once.


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