From The Editor

Posted on June 25, 2010


The people of Thailand should be pissed off at U.S. television newscasters for starting off a piece on the country which is holding its own “world cup” soccer tournament where prisoners play in teams against each other with a pithy segue comment about having a reputation for all things cheap knockoff.

Just because there are a few mildly irritated female tv news anchors and “on location” reporters who should have known that anything offered by anyone at a certain price was definitely not the real thing; do they know for a fact that all garments, accessories, and whatever else that is made and intentionally labeled as designer comes from nowhere else in the world BUT Thailand?  Of course not.  And it’s just this kind of thing that makes people loathe watching the news and paying attention to it simultaneously; erroneous and cheap nonsense that is the filler between death & violence and celebrity news, and the strange way that people will rely on this crap for their facts should really frighten those of us who know why we’re afraid.

Besides, don’t we all know that China is the country for all things cheap knockoff including designer rip-offs at this point?

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