On Sabbatical, Temporary – returning as of yet unknown – Vacation

Posted on December 2, 2010


I’ll be taking time off from this blog for an undetermined length of time, however, I am aiming to post as time permits on my original blog “The Anti”.


Why am I taking this break? The reasons are many, but they all result in the same singular outcome; many things to do, very little time which is spent working like a deranged lemur with a free-flowing coca-cola habit (must have caffeine) because just about everyone considered coworkers have been let go for months after my bosses discovered that they could save money while not sacrificing in productivity by reducing the total number of employees to …me…with a raise of modest size – a decision that effectively declared me the only person that does what I do and with the particular job title that I’ve got. What does this mean for everyone out there reading?  Well, it means that right now is especially busy at the workplace for me, but considering the fact that I’ve got a decent job with plenty of job security – I’m not going to complain nor am I planning on slacking off in my efforts to do the job and do it to the highest standards that I expect from myself each and every day. Even when I’ve had to drag work home with me to meet early deadlines and urgent matters that involve stacks and stacks of files separated into one or more 3-ring binders (each) which is a lot better than the system that USED to be around until yours truly showed up and pointed out that things could be done in a neater and more helpful to people going through these things, I just didn’t expect them to go along with it so easily and quickly!

So in other words, I’m taking a break so I can not take breaks at work 🙂 And lunch usually ends up something that can be delivered because with everything that I have to accomplish it’s a bit much to prepare something edible at home before I leave for work.

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